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Yoga classes in Geneva

Welcome to SoDakini !

A space where you can move

and use and appreciate your body! 


“Movement creates space, space creates calm,
calm creates a free spirit which is ready to receive and learn”

The SoDakini approach 

My integral Yoga movement instruction relies on a belief in the body and its potential and opens awareness.

Yoga is rich in a millennial tradition that, like us, evolves and continues to develop in accordance with its history and its requirements.

My classes at all levels are based on exploration, accessible to all those who love movement, Yoga or dance.

“Floating Dakini” : Eva Schicker
“The body is the vessel of spiritual sensation, divine sensation”

Welcome Home, welcome to your body!

Our senses guide us to find the most profound connections. In a world dominated by cerebral stimulation, to exercise through our body brings balance and returns us to our own sensations giving them renewed permission to exist.  Such insight bypasses the intellect, giving it repose.

“Step outside of your comfort zone,
plunge into the depths of your physical creativity,
unwind and dance to the rhythm of your soul!”

Yoga and Somatic Movement in Geneva

Weekly collective or private lessons in different studios in Geneva. A practice where your universe is at the center. With care and through your body in motion, you will immerse yourself in your sensations and allow them to exist. A listening practice so that each adjustment brings you closer to your own integrity …

Aerial Yoga courses & more

Air yoga has found its place in the modern world using a hammock. Practices between earth and sky as stimulating as they are peaceful! I have developed several approaches and courses in contact with the hammock because its resource is multiple and I like to sail between these complementary universes …

Embodied Yoga

Embodied Yoga is a practice where your universe is at the center. With care and through your body in motion, you will immerse yourself in your sensations and allow them to exist. A listening practice so that each adjustment brings you closer to your own integrity…


Aerial Yoga

“Take flight to take hold!”

SoDakini aerial yoga classes are the union of different experiences such as Embodied Yoga and aerial arts and their benefits. A practice as stimulating as it is peaceful between earth & sky to allow us new forms of connections…


Sacred Dance

A poetic and dancing approach! Stages that honor female creative force, its grace, its creativity, its dynamism, its sweetness. We are all carrying our emotions, our thoughts, we move through them, let the stagnant energy circulate using our body through intuitive dance, our creativity and our freedom of expression.


Rolfing® is a body of mobilization of the body which allows the body to align with gravity. It focuses on fascias but concerns the entire body. Rolfers uses touch and movement to help beneficiary improve their posture and movement.


SoDakini offers online courses in video as a support for your practice and as a learning tool. You live far, you want to deepen your knowledge from home, you are traveling, … Take advantage of the Sodakini online video platform!

“Find what resonates with you,
find your own path, I am here to help you!

Delphine SoDakini

  As an teacher of Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Intuitive Somatic Movement and through an evolving and creative process, I draw my inspiration from Embodied Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Tantric philosophy as well as from Everyday Life.

  Based in Geneva, enriched by a varied and integrative background, I am happy to share and to communicate in generosity, joy and freedom with my students.


In parallel with my Yoga & Teacher movement activity, I have been formed since the fall of 2021 to the Rolfing® method. A therapeutic approach by touch and movement that focuses on the fascia system. A technical and ashistic approach which allows beneficiary a bodily re-harmonization and and a structural realignment to improve their postures and their movement…

Events & News

Regularly I offer internships or retirement, an investment in itself to develop its potentials to explore as well as to find different resources and rhythms. “Yoga does not take us time, it gives us”…


Delphine SoDakini creates transformative experiences that help me to evolve.
Try this experience if you wish to take a journey in rediscovering and learning to listen to your body.
I was connected with kindness and gentleness to my soul and to my intuition.
I recommend without hesitation that you live a moment out of time with Delphine.
Thank-you for what you communicate with such simplicity and heartfelt conviction.”
Alexandra Soudan

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Next Session January 2024 !