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Structural Integration

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“more fluidity, lightness, anchoring! »

Rolfing® is a manual and educational therapeutic approach that is both technical and holistic and offers structural re-harmonization linked, for example, to poor postures or chronic tension. The working tool is not the muscles but the fascia system, this connective tissue which crosses the human body, envelops it and connects it as a whole.


Rolfing® was created in the 1960s by Ida Rolf, an American biochemist. Her sources of inspiration are multiple, she will be interested, among other things, in various forms of bodywork, notably yoga and osteopathy,…
She develops the concept of postural integration based on the observation of posture in relation to gravity by using it, rather than fighting against it…


Recognized as a therapeutic method of complementary medicine, Rolfing® uses the body’s intelligence and its resource potential. Through a specific touch, listening to the tissues (fascia) and through active collaboration with the patient, we gradually allow the structure to harmonize and realign itself in its gravitational axis, the gravity to which we are all permanently subject.

As a result, a better posture can be established for greater ease, lightness, fluidity, breathing more naturally, feeling upright without effort. An exciting path to discover yourself through your body and for general well-being.


“Rolfing sessions are for people who want to take time to get to know themselves as well as to develop new movement and posture habits. Over the course of the sessions and through educational work, the client makes a journey with himself through his body. »


There are several complementary ways to practice Rolfing:

– A progression which is carried out over 10 sessions “the Method” (MyoFascial Release/Structural Integration). Each session has its role in the search for structural and functional re-harmonization. Possibility of doing the first 3 sessions (which are a mini-series) and seeing how the client feels.

– Individual sessions following the 10 sessions or in a single session for a specific need.

– Educational movement (Rolfing Movement).

Why consult a Rolfeur?

– Improve physical and mental well-being
– Avoid chronic tension and help recovery after an injury
– Train more effectively and increase sporting performance
– Develop self-awareness


1h15 session / Geneva (Rue Beau-Site 3, St-Jean)