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MyoFascial Release / Structural Integration

A manual therapeutic approach that is as technical as it is holistic, which offers a bodily and structural re-harmonization with the fascia system that crosses the human body and connects it as a working tool.
This method believes in the intelligence of the body and its potential resources. By going to cleanse, release, hydrate, connect, listen through touch (myofascial release), through movement and exchange with the client, we gradually allow the structure to harmonize in relation to the gravity to which we are all subject. constantly. As a result, a better posture, more ease, lightness and relationship with your body which can be installed for a better feeling.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE sessions are for people who want to take time to get to know themselves and to develop new habits of movement and posture. Through this work between the client and the therapist, the client makes a journey with himself.
Progression that crosses over 10 sessions and where each session has its role in the search for bodily and structural re-harmonization (myofascial release work). Opportunity to do the first 3 sessions (which are a mini-series) and see how the client feels.

1h15 session / Geneva (Rue Beau-Site 6, St-Jean)