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Originally from Switzerland, I am an adventurer at heart. Curious by nature, I seek out the unexpected with the belief that everything is connected. I choose to express myself with my body. The body is an incredible source of connection, life and wisdom!

When I started out, I was involved in art and design (Professional Artistic Maturity in Fine Art) and then dedicated myself to dance, particularly cabaret dancing where I weaved sensuality and femininity into my shows. With aerial in my soul, I specialised in aerial arts (trapeze and fabric).

I lived several years in Shanghai where I began to practise yoga more intensively, my balance, my breath, my centre. I began teaching Yoga and Aerial Yoga after training in Hawaii and China and I am continuously learning. After a teacher training in India (350h), an encounter with Julie Martin/Brahmani Yoga steered the direction that my journey and classes would take: exploration, movement and freedom.

Yoga, rich with a thousand-year-old tradition of perpetual movement, has evolved, just like us. Through a yoga practice that is more free and creative, I created classes that reflect me. I also regularly lead workshops on femininity and sensuality to help women embodied and honor their feminine power.

Enriched by my varied and complementary journey, under the name SoDakini it is my pleasure to share kindness, joy and freedom with my students!