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Holistic BodyWork

MyoFascial Release  

Structural Integration

In parallel with my activity as an Embodied Yoga & Movement Teacher/Explorer, I have been training in the Rolfing® method for over 3 years. I am currently giving sessions under the name “MyoFascial Release/Structural Integration” in Geneva while waiting to finish the complementary phase this year (June 2024) where I will obtain the title of practitioner in the Rolfing® method.

Rolfing is a manual therapeutic approach that is both technical and holistic and offers bodily and structural re-harmonization with the fascia system as a working tool, this connective tissue that crosses the human body and connects it.
This method believes in the intelligence of the body and its resource potential. By releasing, hydrating, connecting, listening through touch (myofascial release), through educational movement and exchange with the client, we gradually allow the structure to harmonize and realign itself in its gravitational axis, gravity. to which we are all constantly subject.
As a result, a better posture can be established, more ease, lightness and relationship with your body for better well-being. An exciting path to discovering yourself through your body.

Rolfing sessions are for people who want to take time to get to know themselves as well as to develop new habits of movement and posture. Through the work between the client and the therapist, the client makes a journey with himself.
A progression that takes place over 10 sessions, each session has its role in the search for bodily and structural re-harmonization. Possibility of doing the first 3 sessions (which are a mini-series) and seeing how the client feels.


Why consult a Rolfeur?

– improve physical and mental well-being
– avoid chronic tension and help recovery after an injury
– train more effectively and increase sports performance
– develop self-awareness

1h15 session / Geneva (Rue Beau-Site 3, St-Jean)