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Children’s classes

Why teach children? I have retained my inner child! Around children I have a feeling of going back to basics, a feeling that is sometimes lost as we grow up! I help them to develop at their own pace, in a joyful and gentle way. Check out the AGENDA!

Body Language / Yoga Kids

Through interactive games, yoga exercises, dance and body expression I help children develop by allowing them to learn through their body. The goal of this class is that there isn’t one! Each themed session is tailored and modified according to the energy of the moment and how the children respond. They are the driving force!…[+]


Acro Fly Parent/Child

A fun lesson with a hammock (fabric) where you can learn to perform moves and poses with your child inside the hammock. The aim of the parent/child class is to spend time playing and sharing together creating a bond. The parent is also there to help the child perform the posess in the hammock… [+]

Acro Fly Kids

A fun lesson with a hammock (fabric) where they can learn to perform moves with and inside the hammock. In this class, your children will learn aerial tricks, both upside down and the right way up, in a happy and good-natured environment… [+]