Movement and Dance

With my cabaret dancing background, I am very pleased to offer classes and courses which allow the mind and body to express themselves through dance and movement. Check out the AGENDA!

Wake up your Body and your Sensuality

“Welcome home, welcome to your body”

With my past experience as a cabaret dancer and my spiritual journey, I am pleased to offer classes which blend femininity and sensuality. This class is offered on an ad hoc basis. Using our body as a tool, we will do intensive work on female body language in order to gain awareness of the different parts of our female bodies and awaken our sensuality from within… [+]

Body Flow

In this class we explore body awareness through the insight that yoga affords us with the natural movement of the body inviting freedom and creativity! This practice is a fusion of classical yoga poses and various movements inspired by dance and non-linear movement… [+]

Aerial Dance

Dance aided by a (fabric) hammock. Dance classes led by the rhythm of the music, lead us to learn figures and movements using the hammock and then put them together to learn a piece of choreography.  In this class you will practise aerial moves, the right way up and upside down, but you will also learn to link them to each other so that body fluidity guides the class… [+]