Yoga Body Flow

Vinyasa yoga inspired and Brahmani Yoga style, class to explore asanas and movement meditation. This practice is based on a series of repeated poses aiming to balance strength and flexibility. A fluid practice helps you to develop an awareness of your entire body and its internal balance as well as relaxation through movement. I create sequences that will allow you to gradually open up and release parts of your body throughout the flow. Movement and transitions create space to accommodate poses and allow you to go deep into them.

This course is aimed at beginners as well as those who are already practising. Yoga gives us the insight to explore our awareness of our bodies!

“Through practice the invisible becomes visible”
“Do not necessarily look for an exact form to accomplish but rather what you have access to”
“Owning your sensations is where embodiment begin” (Julie Martin)
Monday / 18:45 – 20:00 / Espace SoDakini – Soral + Check the planning !

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