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I teach different styles of yoga in both group or private lessons (Yoga Vinyasa, Aerial Yoga, Restorative Aerial Yoga). These classes are rooted in sensorial exploration, and are open to anybody who enjoys movement, yoga or dancing of the soul! Step outside of your comfort zone, plunge into the depths of your physical creativity and unwind! Check out the AGENDA! 

Yoga Body Flow

Vinyasa yoga inspired and Brahmani Yoga, sensorial exploration through asanas and movement meditation. This practice is based on a series of repeated poses aiming to balance strength and flexibility as well as relaxation through movement. A fluid practice helps you to develop an awareness of your entire body and its internal balance. I create sequences that will allow you to gradually open up and release parts of your body throughout the flow. Movement and flow create space to accommodate poses and allow you to go deep into them…[+]

Aerial Yoga

“Take flight to take hold!”

This technique is fairly new but incredibly exciting! Although Iyengar already used suspension techniques with a rope, aerial yoga has found a place for itself in the modern world with the use of a hammock (fabric). Inviting creativity, aerial yoga combines different experiences such as traditional yoga and aerial arts. Combining the aerial and yoga, blends the benefits of each and to create a practice which is as stimulating as it is peaceful… [+]

Restorative Aerial Yoga

Take a moment to relax and unwind! I create a peaceful space in these classes and encourage you to release any tension by letting go. This course is focused on the restoration of both mind and body. With the use of a hammock suspended close to the ground “Restorative Aerial Yoga” is a slow and gentle practice which prioritises relaxation and deep, static and gentle stretching movements…[+]