Aerial Cocooning & Healing Sound

In this session you will drop your weight in the hammock with the vibratory sounds of singing bowls that will help you circulate energy and let go.

With the fabric installed near the ground, the aerial cocooning emphasizes relaxation with essentially passive postures with and in the hammock. Thanks to the support of the hammock which relieves us from part of our weight as well as vibrant sounds, body and mind can relax and deep relaxation and calm spirit can settle.

This regressive practice is a time out of time, a very good way to release tensions and recharge your batteries in your body and mind.

Check the planning !
“My body needed it but I didn’t know how magical these two classes would be. (Aerial Yoga and Aerial Restorative Yoga)
What a great gift to be able to let go of what no longer has its place, to release your tensions, to open your heart and to send your wishes for yourself, your family, your friends, not to mention the planet.
This suspended moment, centered on the feeling, exploring our movements while being supported and supported to end up coiled in a protective cocoon was a pure moment of happiness. Just wow.
If you want to try the adventure of Aerial Yoga or Restorative Aerial Yoga without hesitation, I recommend Delphine SoDakini, her energy will guide you to allow you to be and feel as closely as possible with yourself and to explore a world of possibilities. .
Thank you a thousand times Delphine! ”