Wake up your Body and your Femininity

*Illustration “Yoni Sakti” by Nirlipta Tuli
*Illustration “la Paloma” by Holly Sierra

The “Awaken your body and your femininity” courses offer a poetic approach, a meeting with our goddess Shakti; the feminine creative power, the energy that rises, that flies, that dances, the movement, the kundalini. A course that honors feminine power, its grace, its creativity, its dynamism, its gentleness.

Tools like yoga, dance, sacred dance, meditation, breathing are used.

The workshops are designed to awaken our sacred feminine power from within so that we can develop to its full potential and find a deeper connection. Knowledge that is not transmitted by the intellect but by exploration that favors the experience of the body which is a link between our outer space and our inner / sacred space.

Classes are offered from time to time as a workshop and vary according to the theme and the inspiration of the moment. Workshop for all those and why not those who are curious to explore, try themselves and discover themselves in benevolence and non-judgment.

“Welcome home, welcome to your body”

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